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CEO - Founder

Born in the commune of Paine, he migrates to the commune of Santiago with his family with a few months of life, his first knowledge in computer science he develops very young in the professional technical school La Gratitud Nacional, where after graduating he quickly begins to take roles of responsibility in Apple Chile, migrating very quickly to process consulting and ERP implementation, participating in multiple projects of multinational companies, allowing him to travel almost all LATAM leading and advising the technological transformation of customers for more than 25 years.

Given the experience and the vocation to teach what he has learned, today he dedicates part of his time to academia as a teacher at the professional institute DUOC UC, specializing in governance and data science, where he currently leads research and innovation projects, where he is developing new knowledge in the incorporation of artificial intelligence algorithms for process automation.


CEO - Founder

Born in Villa Alegre, his middle and professional studies were done in Talca- VII Region Chile, in the 90's he migrated to Santiago de Chile, where he worked in important IT and services companies such as Unisys-Chile Corp. and Capredena, among others. In 2000 he entered the world of Microsoft ERP where he specialized in module consulting, integrations, customizations and programming.
Then in 2006 he became independent and created E&G Dynamics Solution where he provides professional services in Chile as well as in the USA, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Then joined his current partner and Senior Consultant Italo Bonet, both with more than 20 years in the market and experience in different areas, have done many consultancies and implementations of Microsoft Dynamics ERP.
Now in 2023 -24, there are already customers who have trusted E&G to start the new era of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Business Central ERP.




Founded in 2006, E&G Dynamics Solutions has grown from a visionary technology startup to a trusted leader in creative and technology consulting. With a strong presence both in Chile and internationally, we have helped countless brands and agencies achieve their business goals through innovative solutions. Our journey is marked by constant evolution and commitment to excellence, always driven by our passion for unleashing the potential of creativity in the business world.

Unlocking the Potential of Creativity: Our mission is to unlock the unlimited potential of creativity in every project, ensuring exceptional business results for our clients.

Innovate to Lead: We aspire to be the first choice in our clients' minds by seeking solutions that not only solve their current challenges but also anticipate tomorrow's opportunities, enabling them to lead in their respective industries."

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